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STLB-Bau provides you with standardized descriptions of construction work for your tender for new construction, maintenance or refurbishment measures. In just a few steps, you can create complete, technically coherent texts for VOB-compliant specifications.

Already since the 1970s, the descriptions of construction works of GAEB have been the language of all parties involved in construction. Since 1996, GAEB has been making them available – under publication of DIN – with STLB-Bau as a dynamic digital tool which offers comprehensive, user-friendly possibilities for professional and economic work.

The acceptance of STLB-Bauis based on the neutrality and independence of the volunteers,which are equally represented in the GAEB’s committees, and who contribute their expertise to the creation and updating of the content of STLB-Bau. This work is based on the VOB and the valid DIN standards.

Due to the unambiguous ID of the STLB-Bau texts, it is possible to link them with contents of other applications, e.g. cost data, product information or objects in building information models (BIM).

  • STLB construction is user-friendly

Functions such as detailed search for keywords or standards and the uncomplicated changing, adding or replacing of texts make STLB-Bau a dynamic system.

  • STLB-Bau reduces errors during the creation of the bill of quantities

Technical discrepancies within service descriptions are largely excluded by internal rules

  • STLB-Bau is VOB-compliant

Due to the affiliation of the GAEB to the German Committee for Construction Contract Procedures (DVA), the author of the VOB, GAEB always has access to current information concerning the updating and interpretation of the VOB.

  • STLB-Bauis in accordance with standards

Due to the close cooperation with DIN – German Institute for Standardization, new and amended standards are promptly implementedinto STLB-Bau.

  • STLB-Bau is updated every six months

STLB-Bau is mandatory for tenders for federal building construction measures. This is regulated in the introductory decree of the Federal Ministry responsible for building of 3rd August 1998 and subsequent decrees as well as in the VHB (award and contract manual for federal building construction measures).

When drafting the STLB construction service descriptions, it is assumed that VOB Part B and Part C are part of the construction contract. Therefore, in order to avoid repetition or contradictions, the VOB is not quoted from these parts.

STLB-Bau enables the clear and exhaustive description of construction services in accordance with § 7 VOB Part A. Only common construction works are available, which correspond to the generally accepted rules of technology and have become the standard due to their frequent application.

When drawing up the construction service descriptions with STLB-Bau, it is assumed in accordance with VOB Part C that the works described include the delivery of the associated materials and components, unless otherwise specified. STLB-Bau therefore does not usually make any special mention of the delivery of materials and components by the contractor.

Additional Informations

Detailed Informations to the current Version of STLB-Bau 2014-04

With this program version, texts can be compiled in any order in the demo part of the STLB-Bau dialog and can be handed over to AVA-programs for testing purposes.

If you want to download the demo version for free you have to register with myBeuth via this link:

Technical support (only in German)

For current information on the amendment and further development of GAEB DA XML and model files please visit (only in German).