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STLB-Bau general

STLB-Bau is available on CD ROM and on the internet (offline and online)

No. STLB-Bau is based on a data base structure that allows for a infinite number of combinations. The printed book is not suitable for the display of this descriptions and contents.

STLB-Bau Dynamische BauDaten® is the most extensive data base concerning tendering texts for construction services on the European market. The information is being compiled by about 600 experts of all areas of the construction industry in more than 90 work groups and is updated twice a year. Furthermore, the direct connection to DIN as the publisher of STLB-Bau guarantees the continuing reconciliation with the current status of standardization, the legal dispositions as well as the current technical standard.

STLB-Bau was introduces with version 04-1996 and thus replaced the previous StLB (yellow books).

The texts are established by experts of the equally staffed skilled work groups of GAEB which stem from all parties involved in construction.
The honorary members of this skilled work groups provide their expert knowledge for general usage for free. Thus they guarantee the neutrality and acceptance of their work results.
Foundation of the data base oriented text storage is the current state of the art technique in consideration of VOB and the respective standards.

STLB-Bau contains text modules for the description of standardized construction works in the sense of VOB. Es ist grundsätzlich in die Gewerke nach der VOB/C gegliedert. In general, it is organized into trades according to VOB/C. STLB-Bau provides tightly formulated, technically accurate information concerning construction works. Thereby, three important criteria are adhered to:
Totality,unambiguousnessand product neutrality of the description.

Standard texts of GAEB are geared toward the VOB.
Identifications of particular product or procedures (e.g. trade marks) may only be used exceptionally according to § 7 of VOB/A. Thus, competition restraints are excluded.

The text source is displayed in the first line of the detailed bill of quantities in the print lists.
It contains:

  • Text source = STLB-Bau
  • Version number = e.g. 10/2000
  • The work category (WCtg) = e.g. 012
  • If applicable, the notation for text supplements: (TSA = contract awarder’s text supplement and/or TSB = bidder’s text supplement)

Example: STLB-Bau 10/2001 012 TSA
This line signals a text as a STLB-Bau text.

The regular updating of the work categories ensures that new procedures and techniques can be tendered timely and norms adapted accordingly.

Yes. These works were compiled in a separate sales package from all concerned work categories.

STLB-Bau is a text storage of GAEB without price information. STLB-Bau texts can be automatically linked to prices only in connection with the respective modules of the free market.

STLB-Bau can be installed as an individual position or in a network. Notes concerning the installation are part of every CD and are available on the GAEB-homepage under “download > STLB-Bau”.

The expense of a freely texted specification of work that adheres in its description quality and its legal certainty to today’s process standard according to VOB is higher than a specification with STLB-Bau texts. In the case of free texts, the editor has to carry out a time consuming comparison with the current norm standard and the contents of the technical specifications which occurs in STLB-Bau via the professional committees with their experts.

High conformity to VOB is ensured by the close collaboration with the DVA and the high correctness of the norms with the contribution of DIN.
Thus supplements can at least be significantly minimized if STLB-Bau is applied accurately.

The AVA software should have implemented the current interface to STLB-Bau for its application. The present interface for the data exchange is GAEB DA XML 3.1.
An expert consultation from your software house is advisable.
The correct implementation of the GAEB-interface also guarantees a certification carried out by the BVBS. For the list of all certified software products please visit: (only in German).

With every update, the work categories are updated technically and with regard to contents and are adjusted to the current state of the norms. For frequent usage of STLB-Bau, regular updates (service level contract) are reasonable.

„Converted on the entire construction business it has to be assumed that – based on more than 30 years of experience with the traditional Masterspecifications for Construction (StLB) and the Master Specifications for to Construction – Dynamic Construction Data (STLB-Bau) – a percentage of 75 to 80 percent of all construction works can be described with STLB-Bau.
This high utilization level of STLB-Bau will not be achieved by all users. It presupposes for the editor of the specification of work to have a profound knowledge of the public procurement and is able to exhaust all application possibilities of the Masterspecifications for Construction”. (Excerpt from a study commissioned by the BBR of Prof. Reichel. S. GAEB-homepage under “Publications”).
Clients often specify to produce the commissioned BoQ with STLB-Bau. Here, users and also STLB-Bau reach their limits, because all that goes beyond the “typical standard” can often not be found in STLB-Bau.
GAEB recommends users of texts that go beyond the “typical standard” to formulate freely and pay attention to remaining in the syntax of STLB-Bau.

The experts of the committees watch the market and discuss which construction products and techniques respectively should be standardized.