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For more than 50 years, GAEB has been an integral part of construction and is responsible for product- and manufacturer-neutral tendering and awarding of contracts in Germany. GAEB is one of the four main committees of the German Committee for Construction Contract Procedures (DVA) with more than 600 volunteers in about 100 committees. At the same time, GAEB is also synonymous with the neutral data exchange for tendering and contracting processes.

GAEB is made up of experts from all major areas of the construction industry who, in the respective committees, make their specialist knowledge available free of charge for general use, thus guaranteeing the neutrality and acceptance of the working results. The equal representation of all committees ensures that an acceptable, balanced regulation is achieved for ALL.

The working results of GAEB are published by DIN. They are prerequisites for the tendering, awarding and accounting of construction works (AVA).

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GAEB as a community of interests of all parties involved in construction promotes the common digital language in construction. For this purpose, GAEB establishes rules for the data exchange of construction data as well as service descriptions and develops texts for construction service descriptions with STLB-Bau and STLB-BauZ.

The work of GAEB serves the general benefit and is based on the following principles:

  • Text andproductneutrality
  • Practicalrelevance
  • Profitability
  • Recognised standards of technology

The GAEB hereby creates the prerequisites for an integrated data processing during the execution of construction measures based on the VOB.

The main focus of GAEB’s work lies in the creation and revision of

  • Content for STLB-Bau.
    STLB-Bau is a database-oriented text system for the standardized description of construction works for new buildings, maintenance and renovation.
  • Content for STLB-BauZ.
    STLB-BauZ regularly supports recurring maintenance work on buildings by providing standardised texts specially adapted to this field of activity.
  • Rules for data exchange and the structure of the bill of quantities (GAEB DA).
    The GAEB data exchange (GAEB DA) provides the normative interface for the exchange of technical information between the parties involved in construction.