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About GAEB

Even though the term “GAEB“ has become an inherent part of the daily construction routine, hardly anyone knows what really hides behind this abbreviation. On the one hand, GAEB stands for the entire organization; on the other hand it stands for the concept “Data exchange according to GAEB”.

The work results of GAEB are published by DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.
They are the preconditions for the bid call, award and billing process construction works (Ausschreibung, Vergabe und Abrechnung – AVA).

Experts from all essential parts of the construction process are represented in GAEB and provide their technical knowledge for general practical application
in the respective committees and working groups free of charge. Thus, neutrality and the acceptance of the results are guaranteed.

The equal appointment of all committees achieves an acceptable, well-considered arrangement for EVERYONE.

More about

As an interest group of all parties involved in the building process, the GAEB organization promotes an IT-supported common language in the building industry. For this, GAEB frames rules for the exchange of building data and quantity determination as well as service descriptions and develops standardized texts for the description of construction work (STLB-Bau and STLB-BauZ).

The work of GAEB serves the public benefit and orients itself towards the following basis:

  • Textual and product neutrality,
  • Practicability,
  • Cost effectiveness,
  • Recognised technical standards.

With this, GAEB provides the prerequisites for an integrated data processing in the carrying out of construction measures based on the VOB.

The focus of GAEB is the production and revision of

  • Standardised texts for the description of construction works for new buildings, renovation and maintenance (STLB-Bau).
    STLB-Bau is a database oriented textual system for the standardized description of construction works for new buildings, renovation and maintenance.
  • Standardised texts for the description of constructions for term contract work (STLB-BauZ).
    STL-BauZ supports recurring maintenance work in buildings through standardized texts that are specially coordinated with this area.
  • Rules and standards for the electronic data exchange and the setup of bills of quantities (GAEB DA).
    Through the “Aufbau Leistungsverzeichnis” (setup service description) and the “dv-technisches Schema XML”(dv-technical scheme XML), “GAEB DA” provides the normative interface for the exchange of professional information between the parties involved in construction.
  • Description of the proceedings for the electronic amount and construction invoicing (GAEB-VB). In GAEB-VB, regulations for the invoicing of construction works as well as geometric solutions for typical invoicing task are developed, updated and harmonized. The goal is to get the same results with the same initial data at differing places independently.