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Who or what is GAEB?

GAEB is the abbreviation for Gemeinsamer Ausschuss Elektronik im Bauwesen (German Joint Committee for Electronics in Construction).
GAEB’s task is to support the implementation of data processing in the building sector in concordance with the technical regulations of DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. and the VOB (German Construction Contract Prodcedures). GAEB is involved where the participants of a building project have to coordinate with each other.
The goal is “a common voice of all parties involved in construction.”. The focus of GAEB-work is:

  • Standardized texts for the descriptions of construction works,
  • Guidelines for the establishment of the bill of quantities,
  • Guidelines for the electronic data exchange and
  • Process descriptions for the electronic building accounting

How is GAEB organized?

The German Joint Committee for Electronics in Construction (GAEB) is integrated in the Deutschen Vergabe und Vertragsausschuss für Bauleistungen (DVA) since 1 January 2005 as a main committee. The foundations for the work of GAEB are implemented in the charter of DVA.

The meeting of members is the paramount institution of the DVA.

The board of directors decides on the propositions brought forward by HA GAEB.

The main committee GAEB in the DVA makes fundamental decisions concerning GAEB work and coordinates the main working groups.

Branch office
It resides in the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR) and thus in the area of operation of the BMUB. It oversees the implementation of made decisions and coordinates the work of the main committee GAEB. It takes over the role of contact-, information- and coordination-center towards third parties.

Main Work Group 0

Develops basic issues for the GAEB work.

Main Work Group 1-3

They coordinate and plan the tasks of the trade specific work groups.

Work groups of the main work groups 1-3

The work groups develop and revise the work categories of STLB-Bau – Dynamische BauDaten-.

Main Work Group 7 – Temporary work

Main work group 7 (AGZ) coordinates the establishment, updating and maintenance of the work categories of STLB-BauZ.

Main Work Group 13 – Program systems

It develops standardized regulations for the representation for the internal and external data exchange of project information in the building industry.

Main Work Group 14 – Building accounting

It develops regulations for quantity calculation and accounting of construction works.

Which function do the partners have: GAEB – DIN – Beuth Verlag – S&P?

DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. in Berlin is the publisher of the GAEB work results.
Distribution takes place via about 40 co-distributors, in most cases building software companies, that also realized the necessary interfaces for the usage of the STLB-Bau texts for their software. Beuth Verlag GmbH is contractor for the supply of the co-distributors. Beuth Verlag GmbH is also a co-distributor.
The results of the skilled work groups are realized electronically by Dr. Schiller & Partner GmbH – Dynamische BauDaten -.

Everyone who has a valid interest in the standardization of construction works.

The simplest way is via direct contact with the GAEB branch office. Here you will be advised in detail and participation in the most suitable expert area can be jointly discussed.

You actively participate in the establishment of the texts and are the first to know about upcoming changes in standards, revisions of laws and directives of the public procurement law.
You brighten your professional horizon by getting to know other experts and their field of work and participate in workshops concerning bidding related topics.

They consist for example of representatives of public and private clients, the leading organizations of architects, engineers and the building trade, DIN and building software companies, who honorary participate in GAEB.

At present, about 600 experts in about 100 expert-boards are involved in GAEB’s work.