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The STLB-Bau CD offers small useful work programs for free:

  • A model bidding offer
  • STLB-Bau-Check

The model bidding offer is a free tool for the development of simple specifications. However, it is not a replacement for AVA programs because of its minor functionality. In order to work with this Excel-model you need to activate macros. A guide on how to do so and additional information is provided in Excel-Help.

With STLB-Bau-Check, GAEB provides a tool which can be used to check a random specification in GAEB format for compliance to the current norms and regulations in STLB-Bau texts.

Yes, it is possible to install more than one versions of STLB-Bau-Check parallel; at times it is actually useful. Example:
A specification from 10-2007 most likely provides various notes such as “not current” or “editorial changes in long text” if it is checked with STLB-Bau-Check version 10-2008. Thus, the positions that need adjustment are illustrated to the user. On the other hand, in order to check if the specification was current at the point of its first draft, STLB-Bau-Check version 10-2007 should be used. The current version needs to be installed to get the correct test result.

Yes, brief instructions are available concerning the model bidding offer as well as STLB-Bau-Check on the homepage of GAEB in the section „Download“. These handbooks are also directly installed during the installation of STLB-Bau in the respective applications and can be accessed via the starting menu of your computer.