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In particular universities expressed the desire to find a possibility to disable the function “automatic text completion” in STLB-Bau.
We followed this request and ordered the development of a file which can be downloaded from this site.
The file is called “CompleteSettings.xml” and is available  here
The file has to be copied into the installation directory of the STLB-Bau indivual position/server after its download (\ XMLServer_DM\ModulDocuments\STLBBau.LogicModul –\).
As soon as the file has been copied into the installation directory, the automatic text completion of STLB-Bau is disabled.
By erasing the file, the automatic text completion can be enabled again.
It is also possible to switch the value via the key “CanComplete”, whether the automatic completion is on “true” or off “false”.